Why We Launched a Beauty Site for Women of Color

First off, women of color struggle to find perfect beauty products.

Unlike a plethora of mega beauty companies that create lines for multiracial customers as an afterthought, The Dooplex has one goal... to be the go-to site for women of color for products made and manufactured with them in mind.

Loyal as they would like to be, finding the perfect combination of products that repair, restore, hold, protect, and help make skin soft and beautiful, often comes with several trips to different stores. Our site looks to end that struggle and offer a one-stop shop where all the products you need, live in one place.

Secondly, as we're living in a Trump America, and in addition to using our vote to make a difference, there's a community of shoppers who also care about supporting like-minded businesses. According to Nielsen, 79 percent of African American women agree that it is important to trust a brand when purchasing its products. All of our product lines are created by Black and minority-owned businesses.

Launched by a group of three friends, The Dooplex should feel like a space where shoppers can come and find superior products and also vibe with content relevant to them.

Filling your beauty needs is the ultimate goal, and we hope your shopping experience is easy to navigate and offers product options not found online anywhere else.

Thank you for coming to The Dooplex.