Why choose BBD Stretch?

Because it immediately prevents hair breakage! You have the freedom to experiment with various hairstyles, such as braids, straightening, curling, pressing, weaving, or embracing your natural hair, depending on your mood or the occasion. However, along with these changes comes the responsibility of maintaining the health of your hair. Neglecting it can result in structural damage, shedding, and breakage.

Fact: Hair typically grows about a quarter to half an inch every four to six weeks. The reason why black hair doesn’t reach great lengths is due to breakage! This is a common issue faced by women of color. Unfortunately, even though those beautiful curls and coils are admired, they tend to have weak points. When the hair is dry, it breaks at those vulnerable spots, preventing it from growing to its full length.

Your hair requires more care and attention compared to other ethnic groups. Hair breakage is a significant problem that many of you struggle with. To address this issue, BBD Stretch Growth Creme has been specifically formulated. BBD STRETCH is a potent but gentle leave-in reconstructing product that easily dissolves in water. It contains plant-derived amino acid enzymes that effectively repair breakage and strengthen your locks. This unique blend infuses plant-based enzymes, 22 amino acids, and moisture directly into the hair’s roots and shafts. Moreover, it is gentle enough to be used whenever your hair feels dry, without affecting its natural balance. Unlike most conditioners, BBD STRETCH does not contain petroleum-based ingredients, ensuring that it never weighs your hair down or blocks moisture from penetrating the hair shaft.

The BBD Stretch system offers a straightforward, proven, and efficient method for maintaining hair growth and elasticity. Regardless of whether you prefer short, long, relaxed, natural, braided, wig-covered, or weaved hairstyles, BBD Stretch should be your go-to product in your hair care routine. In summary, BBD Premium Products is the ultimate hair care system for preventing breakage. Consistent use will lead to significant hair growth!