Stretch Growth Creme

STRETCH GROWTH CREME (SGC) - Stretch Growth Creme is a water based, water soluble hair re-constructor. It uniquely locks moisture into the hair which strengthens and hydrates each follicle. Please be aware that SGC is not a conditioner. Conditioners coat the hair and have a tendency to create "build up" on the hair shaft. Stretch Growth Creme is a moisturizing leave in reconstructor, which allows maximum penetration of moisture with nourishing amino acids.


Stops hair breakage through superior hydration

No alcohol or animal bi – products

Thoroughly nourishes the hair with 22 amino acids.


Reconstructing Treatment - Shampoo hair. Towel dry. Saturate hair with SGC. Apply plastic cap. Sit under the dryer for 25 minutes. Rinse hair, but leave in small amount of product. Blow dry, air dry style as usual. For dry hair, apply a dime size as needed.