Indigo Edge Glyde


Indigo's Edge Glyde keeps your hair and edges held perfectly in place while promoting growth. Provides a super hold that is free of flaking. Creates smooth and silky edges that look and feel healthy and shiny. The no-flake no grease formula controls tapered cuts and edges. Can also be used as a curling pomade for thermal styling.


  • Pomade with temporary straightening powers
  • Provides super hold with no flaking
  • Keeps hair smooth and silky
  • Promotes healthy hair and growth

Directions: Only for use on clean hair. Apply a small amount of Indigo Edge Glyde around the edge of the hair line or on tapered areas of the hair and smooth the area down using a comb or your fingertips. For straighter and smoother edges, continue to smooth the hair down until you achieve the desired result.