Glass Curling Creme

GLASS CURL CREME - Glass Curl Crème (GCC) is a cream moulder. It can be used for twists, sets and frizz control. GCC contains 22 amino acids and has a 25% shine factor. It does not contain alcohol or animal bi- products.


Superior hold and shine

No alcohol or animal bi – products

Nourishes with 22 amino acids.

Application - Shampoo hair. Towel dry and apply a dime to a quarter size amount of Stretch Growth Creme. The amount will vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Next, apply GCC to your hair and gently comb into place using a rat-tail comb.

For short styles - Sit under a dryer until the moulded hair is completely dry.

For ponytails - Follow the wet application directions above.

For longer sets - Dry hair under dryer or air dry to set mould.